Wednesday, October 8, 2014


it's been a really stressful week so far. 

i'm running in circles around my project and i'm still not sure where it's going. and it's due in a week. i know i should be getting more independent since i'm not a freshman anymore, but i still need some guidance, y'know. i'm still a newbie! i basically wasted my entire last week because my instructor didn't even talk to me/discuss with me about the direction of my project. this is some precious time wasted. and i'm really annoyed because this has left me so behind and scrambling to get it together. i mean, i admit, i was being a little lazy last week, but i really don't know what i would have done to my drawings otherwise.

existential architecture crisis??? representation of my current jumbled mind

i got to talk to her today for like 5 minutes at the end of class because she felt she didn't need to talk to me, having spent the whole four hour class talking to only a handful of students she thought needed help. but then i show her what i have and she says "she has to think about it"?! why couldn't you think about it with me during class? it's clear that i need help, after basically starting all over on monday!!! i'm stuck at where i should've been a week ago! if she'd given me a little more attention/advice last week, i would be far past this by now...agh, i'm so frustrated.

i only have a week to pull this altogether...AND next week is midterms week. man i really hope i pull through. can't wait to get it all over with.

just needed to vent out my negativity.

think positive, maggie, think positive. happy thoughts...

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