Thursday, October 16, 2014

still life no. 2

it's been a tiring week so far, but here are a few snapshots of recent happenings. though maybe not-so-recent because i haven't been outside much as it is midterms season. two more to go, maggie.

i didn't get any ice cream :(
late night cross-hatching
racks on racks on racks...of spices
squish the rainbow

finally finished this project i've been hacking at for the past month. it was so painful. but i'm quite proud of my end result (for once)! i pulled my first all-nighter of the semester for it. i had not eaten for 24 hours (let alone slept) so after the review i went back to my apartment and reheated some curry. scarfed it down a little too quickly. the curry tasted a little sour after a few days in the fridge but i was too hungry and tired to care. so far my stomach has been okay with it. after that, i proceeded to reunite with my bed, i let out a great cry of joy, pulled over the covers and fell into a deep slumber for 16 hours. yes. 16 hours.

anyway! now to enjoy a little more r&r before i start my next project and before i continue studying for my last two midterms. alas.

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