Monday, December 15, 2014


wow i really suck at blogging. or documenting. whatever this is called. i guess after november started it was just a hell of a month and a half with my final project in full force and finals and college in general. 

i need to work out my priorities and time management or something? i'm so bad at everything, i end up half-assing most things. 

it's such a hard concept to wrap your head around. you always need more time, but you have all the time in the world. time keeps on going whether you want it to or not. time doesn't stand still. time is always moving and you have to move with it. or else you'll be left behind.

and i keep ignoring my personal problems. i feel like all of those have fallen through because of my inactivity. my lack of proactivity. but also because it's my habit to keep everything bottled up and locked away. i need to face things head on -- i've been trying to but i keep giving up half way.

maggie, get your shit together!!!

well, i'm so glad i'm on winter break now, that's for sure.

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